Rewards That Beat Debt and Build Wealth

Ryze is the loyalty platform making it easy to earn and offer rewards that have real impact.

We Power The Impact Economy

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Ryze Puts People First

Our platform makes the connection between business and loyal fan direct. This means more dollars stay with loyal customers and the businesses they love and less go to bloated middlemen marketers just taking a cut. It’s impact through efficiency, and it’s what’s making Ryze the most rewarding reward program in the world.

Seamlessly Earn Rewards You Can Redeem Directly to Student Loans

1. Link Your Card to The Ryze App

3. Shop With Your Card Like Normal


2. Claim Unlimited Rewards

4. Earn Meaningful Cashback

You Can Boost Almost Any Card

With Rewards From Hundreds of Brands

So You Can Earn Rewards for What Matters

It’s Time to Do Rewards Right

Somewhere along the way reward programs stopped being rewarding. Sign up friction, weird point schemes, hoops to jump through, sketchy privacy policies – the list goes on.

What if there was a reward system built from the ground up to put people first? One that’s easy to use and where rewards can be used for things that matter; to beat student loans, to build a bit of savings, to finally afford a long overdue vacation. Real things. And what if this program actually charged merchants transparently, was fair, and was a breeze to manage?

Well that’s why we’re building Ryze. To be a joy to use. To have real impact. To do things right. To be the most rewarding reward program in the world.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I hope you’ll read on and consider being apart of this mission. We’d be happy to serve you and thrilled to show you rewards done right.

Phil Osolinski
Founder & CEO



US Ad Spend in 2019

Ryze exists to make this number smaller. So more money stays with businesses. So more money stays with loyal customers. So debt burdens are beaten and wealth is built from the bottom up, not the top down. 

These are rewards that matter.


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