Simply put, card-linking offers marketers a way to track the efficacy of advertising programs through payment data. Its a novel way to understand the results of online advertising that results in sales either in-store or online more reliably than other forms of attribution tracking. 

For marketers and merchants, card-linking streamlines the process of understanding if a marketing offer resulted in a sale and allows for strict customer acquisition cost budgeting. With card-linked deals as a merchant, you only pay for the transactions that actually happen. 

It requires no changes to the point of sale system, no requirements to train staff on how to accept or process discounts, and no burden to teach consumers how it works. 

For consumers, card-linking simply requires you to pay with whatever payment card you link to a program.  

Structurally, card-linking typically works by aggregating merchant offers (supply), presenting those offers to consumers through a publisher (demand), and cross referencing offer claiming to transaction data from the card networks to verify sales.

Merchants: These are the restaurants, retailers and service providers with something to sell and rewards to offer. Some examples include great pizza shops like Mikey’s Late Night Slice, retailers like American Eagle, and yoga studios like Yoga on High. 

Networks: These are the guys that aggregate the supply of merchant offers and seek publisher partnerships to present offers to end consumers. Examples here are Rewards Network, Empyr, and the Rakuten Card Link Offer Network.

Publishers: Take the aggregated supply of merchant offers and present these to consumers on websites, in apps, and via newsletters. Examples here are companies like DOSH and Drop. 

Customers: The folks with things to buy, food to eat, and a desire to earn some rewards while doing it.

So how is Ryze different?

Ryze is different in a number of ways, but for a high level understanding, our differences can be boiled down to three main things.

Independence: We don’t aggregate offers from any of the big network aggregators like Rewards Networks or Empyr. We chose to eliminate these middlemen from our business model and make the connection between the merchants we work with and the customers we serve as direct as possible. Coupled with our fixed commission rates, this all means lower costs and greater control for merchants, and higher reward amounts for users.

Customer Permissioned: Because we do not work with any of the card-link networks, we’ve had to build our own technology and merchant database to enable card-linked attribution. We do this by getting transaction data from our consumer users and their banks only when they give us permission to. This means our system works with virtually every debit and credit card in America and no third party ever has access or influence over our users and their data. 

Committed to Serve: Because we have structured our business model to be independent and customer permissioned, this means the burden to serve and surprise our customers is fully on us. This excites us because it means we are the one’s directly responsible for the success of the merchants and consumers who choose to use Ryze. There are no middlemen to get in the way or add extra costs because we directly connect merchants with consumers in our system and app. We can therefore be quick to gather feedback and constantly iterate to make Ryze better for everyone every single week. We also have dedicated Customer Success and Merchant Success teams at Ryze.

Ryze is an integrated card-linking rewards platform that makes the connection between merchants and their customers seamless.

So that’s card-linking! If you have further interest than this brief overview, here’s a link to a great infographic about card linked offers put together by Mobi724 on the Visual Capitalist website.

If you’re a merchant and you’d like to learn more about how Ryze Rewards can help you gain and retain more customers at a budget that works for you, shoot us a note at and we can get started.  

If you’re interested in seamlessly earning rewards in more places to beat debt and build wealth, download our app in the Apple App Store or Google Play today and join the movement of earning rewards that matter. 

Happy earning!