Hello friends!

In celebration of our launch, we’ll be running a special promotion until the end of the year. That promotion is giving you an extra $5 once you shop through the Ryze Rewards app to earn at least $25 in rewards.

With the big rewards on Ryze, you can easily turn your spending on fall clothes, home decor, gifts, travel, and a bunch of other things into new found cashback. And with this promotion, we’ll pay you even more for saving money with us.

That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Now, if there are any particular purchases you have planned for this season and we don’t yet have any rewards for those items or a specific merchant you love, please let our team know! We’re happy to do everything we can to help you save a few bucks and continue using Ryze. As always, just feel free to send us a message directly in the chat portion of the app. Help us help you!

Tom is excited for this promotion!

Thank you all so much. Happy earning!