Fitness is my passio– nope. It’s really not, but hey, its a new year so let’s collectively pretend for the next three to six weeks like it is! And let’s be real, after the holiday benders and gorging on Turkey in November, we owe it to ourselves to at least consider changing things up and getting a bit healthier. Spring and summer will be here before we know it.

Sorry for the added anxiety, but it happens every year.

Anyway, whether you’re ready to get sweaty or just want a fresh fitness inspired outfit to watch Netflix in, here are a few of the brands we work with at Ryze that can support a healthy lifestyle and help you earn some cashback in the process. 

Fitness Trackers

Withings – A fantastic French company that makes some of the most advanced smartwatch and fitness tracking devices in the world. They track everything from how you’re sleeping, your heart rate throughout the day, and even have products like smart scales and blood pressure meters if you’re into that sort of thing.  

Withings also just announced their newest product, the Scanwatch (pictured above) to be released later this year. This thing has a long list of capabilities like 24/7 heart scanning, sleep apnea detection, and oxygen saturation (where my mountain climbers at?). If you don’t feel like waiting, one of their most popular models, the Steel HR, is available for $179.95 and comes in a wide variety of colors and materials. 

All Withings products have pretty stellar battery life and attractive designs to boot. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the market.   

Fitbit – Not to be outdone, the original fitness tracker company is still releasing new products regularly. Pictured above, the Charge 3 is currently on sale as of writing for $99.95, down from its standard price of $149.95. A solid classic at a great price. 

Fossil – As my wildcard pick, we have Fossil which offers arguably some of the most well styled devices for the truly fashion conscious. Pictured here is their Carlyle HR smartwatch which has the essential functions of heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking and is currently listed for $295. Pretty slick, eh?


Under Armour – Sometimes you just gotta slap on some chains and start cranking out push ups in your sweaty garage turned workout dojo. Wait a second. Chains on bare skin? Wouldn’t that be super uncomfortable? Sure, but not if you have some sort of armour underneath those chains. Perhaps a nice new workout ‘fit from Under Armour is exactly what the doctor ordered. Wait, do doctors prescribe workout clothing? I don’t think so… Under Armour! Work out clothes! Wahoo! 

Evolve Fitwear – For the ladies, Evolve has some of the best looking yoga pants I’ve seen. Not that I’ve looked at their entire website or anything… Ahem… Anyway, the Spiritual Gangster sweatshirt is a big time mood. 

Road Runner Sports – Do you have feet? If you answered yes, Road Runner Sports has just the thing for you. They’re called shoes and they help protect your feet and make you look cooler and more athletic than you actually are! Everything from Nike to Asics, Saucony to Adidas. 

Thorlos – What if I told you there was a way to protect your feet even more than just shoes? Would you be interested? Well I have two words for you then: Padded. Socks. 

Thorlos has a ton of custom designed socks for sports like basketball, running, cleated sports, and even skiing and snowboarding to give extra protection, cushion, and support. 

Paragon Sports – Need something else? Check out Paragon Sports. They have basically everything else you could need with free shipping on orders over $49.


Swell – Cool metal water bottles.

Hydroflask – Also cool metal water bottles. 

A moment of true sincerity here, do be conscious of the impact that a disposable lifestyle has. If you’re curious and have a few minutes for a quick crash course on the impact of a throwaway lifestyle, read this.

A long lasting metal water bottle is a great way to make sure you’re staying hydrated and lessening your environmental impact by not running through dozens of plastic bottles each week like a heathen. Okay, thank you, now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Aftershokz – These things are pretty wild. If you’re a road runner or bicyclist, you’ve probably experienced the problem where you want to listen to your music while also hearing the world around you and being aware of your surroundings (like cars).

Aftershokz use bone conduction technology to magically put noise into your head without clogging your ears so you can hear both what’s going on around you and Lizzo’s encouraging choruses at the same. damn. time. Its insanely cool and if you’re interested in the tech, you can learn more here

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamin World – Vitamins, supplements, protein mixes, herbal remedies, personal care lotions, and tons of other such things all at some of the best prices online. A great one-stop-shop to make sure your fueling your body right. Not to mention, the huge tub of protein in your pantry serves as a great reminder to actually get your workouts in. 

So that’s it! That’s my quick and simple list of Ryze Rewards recommendations to help you start 2020 off with some of the things you may need to help inspire, motivate, and fuel your fitness resolutions! If there’s any sort of category or idea you’d like me to make some suggestions on next, let me now with a chat message in the app sometime!

Happy New Year everybody. Let’s make it a great one.