Our Updated Privacy Promise

Trust is not an asset. Many companies will say things like “trust is our most valuable asset,” but I see it a bit differently. 

Trust is a responsibility. It’s a duty to uphold. It’s something not quantifiable or easily added on as a line item to a balance sheet. It’s the basis for a long-term relationship and if not upheld, is the basis for a very short relationship. 

With our core company goals being to drive the impact economy and enable greater prosperity for all from the bottom up, I have been thinking long and hard about the role that data will play in the evolution of our business. 

Our Promise

After thoughtful consideration, I’m committing our company to a Privacy Promise. That promise is simple; we will not sell or share your personal Ryze account information with any third parties and we will take every possible precaution to secure our business and product systems. 

That’s it. Of course there’s a bit more legalese and clarity of some terms in our full Privacy Policy, but this is the essence of our promise to you, the people and business who use Ryze to earn and offer meaningful rewards. 

Why Make This Promise

We are obviously building a company driven by purpose. Our mission and the principles we stand by would not allow us to do anything less than make this promise and communicate it in a clear way to all our users. This is how I feel on the inside – doing what feels right and treating our customers how we want to be treated. 

Outside of Ryze, we see a lot of companies doing privacy wrong. With very sketchy privacy policies that are practically chapter books filled with very concerning phrases and clauses if you know what you’re looking for. 

And that’s just the thing. We’re not all privacy policy attorneys with the time to read 56 pages of ten point font with vague phrases like “adequate performance” and “legitimate interest.”

Now, I won’t point any fingers at any companies right now… but I’m guessing you have never actually read the policies of your bank? Or the company that makes your phone or computer? Or the social media apps you probably use daily? 

Yeah, it’s not exactly a fun reading experience and I get it. 

So our promise is clear, easy to understand, simple, and something that can inspire confidence in our company to have your best long-term interests in mind. 

We do, and this promise is one of the ways myself and the team at Ryze hope to show you. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Phil Osolinski
Founder & CEO