Hi everyone! This is the second public company update that I’ve written so far, so if you’re looking to catch up on a few things, here’s my update from last month

This month, a big theme for us was focus. We are continuing to build the next version of the Ryze mobile app and thinking about the future product road map for Ryze. Beyond that and essential tasks related to that, we’ve liberated ourselves from trying to do a bunch of other things. Focus feels great, but with that said, there’s still a lot to manage on a daily basis.

Here’s what’s been going on for Ryze in the month of October.

Things We Focused on This Month

Ryze 2.0 – We’ve been building the next version of the Ryze consumer mobile app, what we’re calling Ryze 2.0. We have knocked out a few major milestones towards that goal this month. This version of the app has a much improved overall design, a smoother on-boarding experience, and is more focused on the search and discoverability of rewards. So far it’s looking great, but we did hit a few delays that have slowed us down. Those delays arose from time spent transferring knowledge from our previous developers to our new ones. We’re on track to launch 2.0 right around Thanksgiving, about two weeks later than we initially targeted.

Merchant Web App – I’ve spent a ton of time in Figma this month designing the first version of our web app to enable merchants to control their own campaigns on Ryze. This is a huge project for us with monumental influence over the direction of the company. It enables so much growth potential and is a huge step towards how we achieve our mission of building a stronger economy from the bottom up. Even simple Figma prototypes can quickly get a little complicated, but our first version is laid out and we’ve been using it to gather feedback from a few merchants we’re close with already. 

Goals for November

Continuing our theme of focus within the business, I’m really only laying out two main goals for the next month. 

  1. Launch Ryze 2.0
  2. Earn 3,000 downloads during the month

If we can hit these goals, we’ll more than double our download base and should see a lot more reward earning activity on the platform. This holiday season is going to be extremely important to us, so with focus and energy we’re hoping to crush these two goals. 

In the background of course, there’s still a lot going on; managing our large brand relationships, gathering feedback from local merchants, operating our system, figuring out our money situation, and each of us working on some additional projects. 

Published Media

John has been digging in deep to some of the economic and political happenings related to student loans. This month he’s published two great pieces about the current state of student loan issues in the US. In November he’ll be writing more on the different student loan forgiveness plans out there and proposing his own solution so keep an eye out for that. Key takeaway so far: it’s not looking good. 

  1. John: COVID-19 Exacerbates an Already Dire Student Loan Crisis
  2. John: Reality Check: Senator Warren’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Wrapping Up

As always, if you have any thoughts or feedback, send me a note and let me know. 

Thanks for reading, hope you had a spooky and fun halloween, and I’ll have another update on progress and goings-on for you turkeys at the end of November. 

Till then, smile and eat plenty of fruits and veg! Love ya,