November has been a very busy month and the busy-ness, or business, continues. This will be a quick update without any of the fun inside looks or pictures of development in progress or other fun things. I know, huge bummer, but on the bright side, plain text is still cool, right? 😉

Things We Focused on This Month

The main areas of focus for us this month were to build and launch Ryze 2.0 and get all of our current brand partners live with rewards in the app. 

On the development front, we missed our initial target to launch before Thanksgiving. For obvious reasons, this was a big opportunity lost. We had a ton of Black Friday and Cyber Monday specific go to market plans ready to rock and roll with, but the product just wasn’t ready yet. Launching something too prematurely would’ve been a mistake. 

On the operational front of getting rewards live in our system, Tom has been leading on that. It’s still a very manual process and a very tedious task, but he’s been doing a solid job and we should have about 125 rewards live when we finally launch 2.0 with more to come in December. 

Lastly, John has been staying busy developing some very interesting partnerships with colleges. Still in very early stages of fleshing out a number of possibilities, so not much more to share quite yet. Also, John had a chance to dig into another politician’s student loan plans. This time, Bernie Sanders.

Changes to be Made

I learned a few very hard lessons throughout our development crunch. Crunch is good for nobody, so our development team has come together to post-mortem our missed deadline and write down every reason we missed the deadline and every cause for delay. 

Some delays we saw coming and just didn’t attack with enough urgency, some were rookie mistakes by me, and some were just things out of our control. Regardless, we’ll be addressing all of these in the month to come and will have a much more solid agile development process ironed out. Progress, not perfection. 

In Closing

I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are staying warm! There’s snow on the ground here around central Ohio for us. Burrr. Someone send me some sun, please! ☀️

Told ya it’d be a quick update. 

Love ya,