Hi everyone. We had a much better February than January. Let me tell you about it! 😃

Things We Focused on This Month

We had three main focus areas for the month. These were to:

  • Launch seamless cash payouts to 80+ student loan servicers.
  • Change our account linking infrastructure for transactions from Yodlee to Plaid. 
  • Add 50 more online rewards to Ryze.  

I’ll break down each one. 

First, we were able to launch our enhanced payouts functionality on March 1st and we’re super excited about it. This is the biggest step towards enhancing the utility of the rewards earned in Ryze in the history of our app. 

Launching this update was not easy. We iterated through half a dozen internal builds of the feature in the app and for weeks struggled to get over the hump with final testing and implementation. Of course, the last 5% of any project always prove to be the hardest, and this one was no different. 

Though it was difficult, it was way easier than the alternative. What we went through back in the early days of trying to establish our own direct payouts to the loan servicers was much more time consuming and messy. Instead, we’re using technology from Plaid, RightFoot, and Dwolla to make these payouts in a much more secure, user friendly, and scalable way. There are still a few small kinks and bugs to work out, but that’s software for ya. 

Regarding our second goal of transitioning away from Yodlee and into Plaid for transaction aggregation, we were able to make some slight progress on this. Still much more work to go. We were busy with all the development duties associated with the previous goal. 

Lastly, we were able to secure 24 additional online merchant partners this month. These campaigns will be going live in the coming days. 

Published Media and Links

Ryze 2.1 – The Big Payout Update

Changes to be Made

There’s really nothing in our control right now that we have both the resources and capacity to change. We are operating at capacity and pretty much doing the best we can with what we got. Though we fell short of hitting my very ambitious goals & timelines, we are making significant progress and I’m happy with how things are trending. 

Goals for Next Month

Next month will have a very similar product and merchant focus as February, with one extra growth related goal. 

  • Launch the Plaid for transactions update. 
  • Add 30 new online merchants to Ryze. 
  • Secure 1 university partner for graduation season. 

Outside of Ryze

  • Phil: I’ve been working with my latest recruiting client Steadily. I’m helping them hire for 5 open Insurance Sales Agent roles and their team has been amazing to work with and learn from. I also finally got myself a standup desk! Hallelujah! 
  • Tom: Is eating a fat cost for a t-shirt printer head repair, almost like fixing a car, for the other business he runs called Everyday Designs. The entrepreneurial life has its moments. 
  • John: Is in Germany but has been under the weather recently. Other than that, he continues to wash his hands regularly(as should you) while orchestrating a 4 part canon of Happy Birthday in his head. 

We’ve got a lot of good things to make happen this March. Thanks for reading and giving a shit, even if just a tiny shit, about what we’re building. 😇

Love ya,