Hey Everyone! 

We have released an update to both the Android and iOS versions of the Ryze Rewards app today. That update changes the method and infrastructure behind the scenes for how we link your spending accounts to Ryze. 

All you need to know is that you will need to re-link your spending account to Ryze, and your linking experience will now take place in the Plaid user interface within Ryze, rather than the old user interface of Yodlee. 

Why The Change? 

First, for a number of reasons we had been unhappy with the service and technology provided by Yodlee. 

Secondly, Plaid is much easier for our developers to work with and lessens the number of different vendors we work with for both spending account and payout account linkages. Both are now enabled via Plaid. 

Third, the user experience of Plaid has proven to be superior to Yodlee. We see accounts being linked faster with less errors and mistakes from users. Also, more users prefer the design of the Plaid interface to the one we had implemented with Yodlee. 

Link-able Banks

Switching to Plaid does of course now mean that the selection of compatible bank accounts that can be linked to Ryze has slightly changed. 

If you’re interested to see if your bank is supported by Plaid and thus can be connected and used to earn rewards within Ryze, check out the Plaid Link demo. Also, give Ryze a download and try for yourself! Find Ryze: Rewards That Matter on the App Store or Google Play.

Our users can link either debit card related checking accounts or credit card accounts to Ryze to verify transactions and earn unlimited cashback rewards to pay down student loan debt. 

Also to note, the institutions supported by Plaid are always changing. You can learn more about how Plaid works with banks here. 

Happy earning!