Hi everyone! We’ve made significant development progress during the month of March and continue to make strides towards bringing the full functional vision for Ryze 2.X to fruition. Behind the scenes things are looking very good, and April should be an exciting month of releases and updates. 

Progress This Month

  • Launched Ryze 2.2 – an update to the way we link user debit and credit cards to Ryze.
  • Exploring partnerships with some very large, well known retailers.
  • More details gathered for how we can work with a large university system and secure vast distribution and engagement. 

Focus Next Month

  • Gathering much more user feedback on recent updates. 
  • Planning on a limited first launch of local rewards products for merchants and consumers. 

Media and Links

Ryze 2.2 Announcement 

Outside of Ryze

  • John recently finished his level 1 German course and is prepping for his exam. He is also finishing up an online course in chocolate molding and sculpting. 
  • Tom is getting ready for the spring by upgrading his patio. 
  • And the most exciting thing that happened for me during the month is I got myself a desk plant.

Overall March was a very solid month. We’re hitting a very productive stride with our development and release schedules and it’s very exciting to bring the first pieces of our full initial product vision to life. It’s also very exciting to collect feedback and be in a position to make Ryze even more useful, good looking, easy to use, and impactful. 

We’re still full steam ahead on 2021 being a breakout year. The potential is certainly there. But to do that, much work is still yet to be done. 

Onward to April 😊

Thanks for reading and catching up on us,