Hi everyone. Another brief update, another busy month! 

Progress This Month

  • Development: we have made tremendous progress again with the development of our merchant product and infrastructure to support local rewards on Ryze. We should be able to start our rollout this month. Our launch has been a bit unpredictable due to having a lot of things to test and refine. We’re confident this month we will begin rolling out to our early merchant users in North Carolina. 
  • Distribution: Speaking of which, John has continued to keep our early adopters warm and excited about what we’re building despite extended development timelines. All is well there and we will begin rolling out to our first 50 local merchants this month. Still many ongoing conversations with universities and other groups who are day by day starting to believe a bit more and more. 

Focus Next Month

  • Launch Ryze for Local Merchants product and local rewards in the consumer app. 

Media and Links

  • Nothing this month

Outside of Ryze

  • Vaccinations: We’ve all gotten at least one COVID vaccine shot so far. Phil got his second on the 30th and is #teamPfizer
  • John: Is prepping for level 2 German language proficiency exams at the end of May.
  • Tom: is working a bit on his shirt business and is greatly looking forward to patio season. 
  • Phil: I’ve been continuing to work on recruiting work with Steadily where my responsibilities have continued to deepen. It’s been a ton of fun and a very productive month there. 

The more we do, the more we learn, the more we can do. We’re staying busy and hope all of you are doing well and looking forward to the summer. We sure are! 

Onward and upward,