Hi everyone. We have been deep in the throes of development and testing for another month. What we’re building reveals itself to be a bit more complicated than we initially thought every step of the way, but I am so impressed with what we have accomplished. This June is shaping up to be another important month for us. 

Progress This Month

  • This May we primarily focused on further development and testing of our merchant web app — the piece of Ryze that will enable any merchant, anywhere, to offer rewards on Ryze. 
  • We solved problems related to payments, money flow, accounts, geo-location, and of course a plethora of general software issues and bugs. Sneak peak of a work in progress of our merchant dashboard below.

Focus Next Month

  • All roads lead to Rome. In our case, Rome is launching the Ryze Merchant app and all roads are everything we’re doing on a daily basis. This is pretty much our team’s singular focus for June. 

Media and Links

  • Nothing this month

Outside of Ryze

  • John has passed his level 2 German exam and is well on his way to becoming super in Deutsch! 
  • Tom has continued to work on his print company when he can. This past month, rolling out some strong inbound marketing campaigns. 
  • And I’ve become a Venture Fellow with Laconia’s Venture Cooperative! I believe we need a lot more young investors in the Midwest, and this will be my first step towards that end. 

That’s all for this month, folks. Thanks for reading and keeping up with what we’re working on. I know we’ve been very quiet this year, but heck, we’ve been busy! More to come! 

Love ya,