Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend and fantastic June. Summer is here! 

Progress This Month

  • Recently, we launched our Ryze for Local Merchants platform. This updated our consumer mobile app to show nearby rewards and saw the release of our totally new merchant web app which allows any merchant, of any size, anywhere, to offer and manage rewards on Ryze. The update on both iOS ran into some major delays due to new guidelines related to the use of user location data. This slowed down our entire release by about two weeks, but we are now live and will begin rolling out to more and more local merchants over the coming weeks. 
  • The second major piece of work for the past month was applying for a number of different grants. One was via the US Department of Education, the other from the town of Cary, NC. For the federal grant, we had 14 different letters of recommendations submitted on our behalf from Senators, Representatives, and several city officials. It was an honor to have so many important folks take the time to write their support for us. We’ll see what happens when awards are announced in the coming months. 

Focus Next Month

  • Our number one priority is rolling out our local merchant product offering. We have about 50 initial locations that we’ll be testing with and beginning the rollout with. All are in North Carolina. 

Outside of Ryze

  • John is headed back to Berlin for another trip later this month. 
  • Tom is continuing to work hard on his other business and is doing quite well.
  • And I’m preparing to be a groomsman in a wedding later in July for one of my college friends from Butler, Ben. Super excited for that! 

Ryze is at yet another significant inflection point. To this point, we have done a tremendous amount of foundational technology and partnership building. This July and for the rest of the year we’ll be building upon that and really starting to prioritize growth. It’s going to be a really exciting time and I’m very excited to have finally gotten to this point after three really tough, yet also really great years. The best is truly yet to come. 

Here’s to the future,