Get Paid to Spread Impact

Refer merchants to Ryze and you’ll earn $100 when they run their first campaign.

Ambassador’s In Waiting

I’m really excited to be connected to the other ambassadors and build that network. It’s cool to see how openly information and success stories are going to be shared.

Jameis, Student

I would be sharing Ryze with my network around RTP regardless of this program so it existing is just a cherry on top and is a big reason why I believe in this company.

Maureen, Advocate

As an underclassman, I’ve been struggling to find an internship and feel lucky to discover this program. I’m pumped to see how far I can go with the unlimited upside.

Spencer, Student

The Best Side Hustle In America


1. Join The Program

2. Refer Merchants


3. Merchants Join

4. You Get Paid

Unlimited Side Income For:

Students and Recent Grads

We’ve built our ambassador program with the intent of making the best side hustle in America for students and recent grads. As a student it can be tough to balance classes with everything you have going on, and adding financial stress or job search stress on top of that is never a great time. We’ve been there.

Our program gives you an opportunity to be flexible with your time and earn when you can, without limits. Develop your sales skills as you network with local small business owners. Spread the good vibes of the impact economy. Learn from a new group of friends in our exclusive community of like-minded ambassadors. You do you. 


Small Business Owners   

If you’re a business owner in your area, the Ryze ambassador program is a great way to share an innovative reward solution with your network while building a considerable side income for yourself. 

When you join, you’re free to spread the word on Ryze and our innovative solution whenever is best for you. And if your business is also active on Ryze, you’ll have a chance to earn special benefits to support the long-term success of your business on our platform. 


Impact Economy Advocates

For the believers. For those who see a movement and say to themselves, “I want to be apart of that.”

Help the impact economy touch more lives, enable people and businesses to reach more of their goals, and grow with us. Even if you start from nothing – no network, no connections, few networking skills – we’ll give you an opportunity to lean into something meaningful and test yourself to see how far you can go.

We’ll support you the whole way. 


Our Program Gives You More

$100 Referral Commissions

In case you missed this, let us just be clear… For every merchant you refer to Ryze you will be paid $100!

Does it get any better than that? Well yes, it does. When you refer a business that has multiple locations, we’ll pay you $100 for each location, up to a total of $500! 

It’s simple. Introduce merchants to Ryze, spread the impact economy movement, and we’ll impact you right back – one hundred bucks at a time.

Free Educational Support

Monthly Ambassador Program review sessions to give you an inside look into how the program is run at-large, and a constant stream of actionable insights and tools to help you learn by doing. 

An Exclusive Network of Peers

When you join the program, you’ll get an invite to our private LinkedIn group to share lessons learned, see announcements, and let you have a single space for dialogue with others in the program.

Bonus Rewards and Gifts

When you reach specific milestones in the program, we’ll send you some swag and goodies to celebrate. And we also have frequent bonuses and challenges each quarter to encourage you to do your best. 

The Waitlist is Open

We’re constantly accepting applications to join the Ryze Merchant Ambassador Program with the expectation to launch in August 2020. When you apply, a member of our team will tell you more about the program on a brief introductory video call. As the launch date approaches, you’ll get more information and be ready to hit the ground running as a first mover on your campus.

What are you waiting for? An invitation? This is it!

Join the Best Side Hustle In America