Drive More Business With Meaningful Rewards

Drive larger sales more often by empowering your customers with the rewards they need.

We All Know Loyalty is Broken

Long Setup Processes

Time is money. Designing a loyalty card system from front to back with app interfaces, physical cards, marketing materials, and technology integrations can take months, sometimes multiple quarters or even an entire year. When your business can change weekly, why would committing to this timeline make any sense?

Expensive to Start and Run

Time is money, but money is also money. Getting a custom app based loyalty system built for your restaurant from a specialist provider will likely cost at least $5000 upfront with a monthly fee of at least another $250. And this is on the cheap end before considering the actual value of any rewards. If you’re a larger chain business and need a more custom or flexible solution, your entry fee quickly surpasses six figures. 

Burdensome Staff Training

With a new proprietary program you’ll need staff up to speed on how the new POS/CRM tracking system works, how the customer app works, how to use the new loyalty cards, what items are worth certain point values or excluded from the program, what rewards are actually available and how the customer claims them, and more. Yikes. 

Difficult to Market to Customers

Let’s say you went through the expensive and long setup process and trained your staff on a new program. Now what? Well, your legacy provider will likely try to rope you into supplemental marketing programs and services that are even more expensive, time consuming, and ineffective. Or you could try to do it yourself and add this to your to-do list of four hundred other things to do. 

Onerous to Modify and Adjust

If you get through the implementation process for a legacy proprietary loyalty program, be it cards or a custom app, the pain has likely just begun. If you weren’t perfect in your planning and would like to make changes or adjust to evolving technology or customer demands, good luck. If you’ve gone through this you know what we’re talking about.

Questionable Impact and Methods

Reward programs should be rewarding! Too many reward programs get too complicated and thus have low engagement and minimal business and customer impact. Loyalty programs should inspire connection and goodwill, not trick repeat purchases through dark patterns. 

Ryze is Built Different

Seamless Setup

Either sales assisted or totally self serve. There are no required technology integrations on your end so you only have to work in one system, and that’s ours. As long you already accept debit and credit cards at your business, you can begin offering rewards on Ryze. 

No Implementation Fees

We don’t charge any upfront fees to make a quick buck. We’re here to establish a long term growth relationship with your business and our pricing reflects that. Our pricing is fair forever so the upside is yours.

No Required Training

Offering rewards on Ryze doesn’t mean you have to make changes to your POS system or processes. Literally just swipe or insert cards like normal. It’s so seamless, your staff doesn’t even have to know.

Free Marketing Support

When you join Ryze we eat the cost of sending your business custom marketing packs to aid in showcasing that you’re on Ryze. These packages have print materials like card displays, window stickers, and posters. We also provide you with helpful examples and best practices to effectively setup these materials for best results. 

The Control is Yours

Feel free to offer whatever reward amount and campaign duration that works best for you. You can offer a nice big weekend reward of 45% for a few days, or stay consistent with 10% cashback for the whole month. And rest assured, if you need to make a change, you’re free to end a campaign early and make adjustments. 

High Impact

We provide you with actionable data to improve brand and campaign visibility and concretely track growth and improvement overtime. We optimize for enabling your business to grow and helping your customers do well. And we back it up with the data in an easy to understand dashboard that’s intuitive and easy on the eyes. 

Product Tour – Video Coming Soon!

We’re preparing to launch our merchant platform during the summer of 2020. If you’re interested in being the first business in your community to show your customers you care and get a leg up on building your Ryze following, we highly recommend getting in touch with us below.

Priced Different

Let’s Get Started

Contact Our Team

We’re currently doing founder-assisted setup for all business until the launch of our DIY system. We’re happy to help businesses of all sizes get live on Ryze as a first mover and be the first in your community to be offering rewards that matter. Start the conversation today.

Do It Yourself (Beta)

For the DIY type. If you wholly own a single location business or have between two and about twenty locations under single ownership, we encourage you to get started yourself. If you have any further questions or concerns, just go ahead and contact our team through the other option. We’re happy to help.

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