Restore the American Dream

We’re here to help millions live their best lives. Seamless rewards is how we do it.

We Believe In

Chasing Excitement

Often it’s not about the destination, but the journey to get there that really matters. We’re here to help ourselves and others embrace the chase.

Attacking Success

Good things don’t just happen. We think there’s a strong correlation between effort and luck. Therefore, we always bias towards action. 

Celebrating Often

We work very hard to reach our goals and forward our mission. When we hit goals, do good, and spread good vibes, we think that’s worth celebrating and sharing with others. 

Our Team

 Phil Osolinski

Founder & CEO

After graduating from Butler University (Go Dawgs!) with an embarrassingly high amount of debt, I looked far and wide for ways to beat it faster. After two years of working for the man and feeling like I could do more, I decided to take the plunge and start Ryze. My goal is to help a million people like me reach their financial goals and have more happy moments worth celebrating.


Tom Fortunato


I joined Phil on this mission because the thought of waging a war on student loans gets my blood boiling in all the right ways. I’ve always been drawn to doing work that matters so for me, helping a generation defined by debt become defined by opportunity is a target worth chasing. My goals are to build world class technology that’s a joy to use and build a world class company that’s a joy to do business with.


John Nguyen


I joined Ryze because it is my calling to do more. Student loan debt is the biggest challenge facing my generation and I want to do something to help solve it. A higher education should be the key to unlocking the future, not the mortgage holding this generation back. My goal is to help my generation take back control of it’s financial future.


Always Chase Something